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C.C. On Dec 29, 2011

Carolyn is the BEST Personal Trainer!!!
She is extremely caring and wants to help you reach your goal.
She is friendly and always a pleasure to work out with.
You come out of your session feeling great about yourself 

C.W. On Jan 02, 2012

 I would definitely recommend Carolyn- I have been working out with her  for the past 4 months and have already reached 90 percent of my goal. I  am doing things I would never have imagined possible. She is a doll, very motivating. and makes sure you are constantly moving in the right  direction.  I love my new found love of fitness.

H.N. On Jan 02, 2012

Carolyn is everything I have been looking for in a personal trainer! When I had my first  session with her I felt very comfortable around her and could tell she  knew what she was doing. Not only does she give you great work outs, she's very knowledgeable about the foods you should be eating to reach  your goal and keeps you motivated to stay focused. I can already feel my  body getting tighter, very happy with her, highly recommended!!!! 

A.N. On Jan 04, 2012

 Carolyn has been such a positive influence in my life. She started as my personal trainer one year ago. I have never been a fan of exercising, but  Carolyn has completely changed my opinion. I enjoy each session I have  with her. She has become my cheerleader, my inspiration and most  important, my friend. 


On the days, I do not see Carolyn, I can always count on receiving a  motivating text message or an email with healthy food and exercise tips  from her. 


It is very apparent that Carolyn cares about my well being. 


 Carolyn is very well versed in various types of exercise modalities. It  is refreshing to have a diverse work out plan that doesn’t leave me  feeling stale or bored. She is very dedicated to my progress and is a  daily presence in my life and serves as a constant reminder of my goals  with her motivation.

I highly recommend Carolyn as your personal trainer. She is very  uplifting and motivating, reminding to always see the positive things in  my life. She leads by example and is a true mole model for both clients  and other trainers.  


 Carolyn is an exceptional motivator and has a true passion for health and fitness. In the past I have not been able to reach my goals. Now I have lost weight, have muscle definition and can keep up with my  children. She is empathetic to the demands of motherhood and has been  wonderful to work with. She makes it easy fun and she is great with my  children when they are home with me.  She is more than just a personal trainer, she is an educator


I ran my first 5k with Carolyn’s help. A goal I had only dreamed of has  become a reality. She guided me through a very manageable training plan with patience and motivation. She is very reliable and approachable running coach and personal trainer and  willing to do whatever it takes to help me balance my hectic schedule  with exercise.  


Carolyn has taught me more than I ever thought possible about exercise and healthy eating. She has changed my attitude and outlook in many  areas of my life. She convinced me if I changed my diet and exercise  regularly I would feel better. I was reluctant but really wanted a  change. I put myself in her hands and I am happier healthier and more  energetic than I have been in my entire life.  She is an amazing personal trainer and motivator.

LK 2018

Professional and keeps it fun. Carolyn really motivates her clients to get stronger and fit!

JS Feb 2018 personal trainer

I highly recommend!! Carolyn has a ton of knowledge and makes all of her classes fun for all levels. Her skills as a personal trainer are extraordinary.

DV 2017

Carolyn is a great!  Professional, patient, understanding, motivating...  Encourages you to reach your potential. Helped me achieve a half  Ironman PR. Highly recommend!!


Great total body functional strength workout for all levels! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carolyn as your personal trainer or triathlon coach! Give it a tri!



Even in group sessions, Carolyn adjusts the routines to account for the abilities  of each individual.


Carolyn is professional, has a broad knowledge base and has helped  improve my racing and overall fitness. I highly recommend her as your coach and personal trainer!

KN 2017

So thankful for Carolyn and her personal training program. Phenomenal classes  for all levels!  Strength, core, cardio.....never the same class twice.    Lots of sweat and lots of fun � �